Promotion: Seattle and beyond

Promotion: Seattle and beyond

Whether it’s taking in the view from the top of the Space Needle to sipping the local wine in Walla Walla, Washington State offers a whole lot more than simply being the start-off point for your clients’ Alaska cruise. It’s known for its pristine wilderness experiences, rugged mountains, stunning seascapes and aqua lakes

The Port of Seattle has produced a handy Cruise & Stay Guide to show you the many ways in which you can extend your clients’ holiday – and earn some extra commission in the process. On top of that there is also the informative training video on YouTube (below) that tells you everything you need to know.

The obvious place to start is the city of Seattle – the gem of America’s Pacific Northwest with regular direct non-stop flights from the UK and Ireland in under 9.5 hours. The city is incredibly walkable: you can grab a coffee in the world’s oldest Starbucks and still be sipping it as you dodge the fish being flung by the traders at the historic Pike Place Market. From near the market in downtown Seattle,  you can hop on the monorail to visit some of the city’s cultural institutions at the Seattle Center, starting at the Museum of Pop Culture (where you can stand in awe at the vast tower of guitars) before wandering over to the psychedelic glass art at Chihuly Garden and Glass. The world famous Space Needle offers the chance to see it all from their rotating platform over a glass of wine, way above the city. Just outside of the city is the Boeing factory – a chance to see where aircraft are born – all housed in the world’s biggest building by volume. It’ll take your breath away.

However, Washington has so much more to offer than Seattle alone. The State is incredibly diverse: from Mount Rainier National Park, perfect for hiking; to the Olympic National Park, with its temperate rain forest, Pacific beaches and high mountain range. There’s whale watching in the Salish Sea and wine tasting at over 1,000 vineyards – while Yakima is the largest single source of beer hops in the world, meaning you’re never far from a locally brewed craft beer.

The Cruise & Stay Guide tells you everything you need to know about cruising from Seattle, the city’s fascinating historic connections with Alaska and where to send your clients both within the city and beyond. The Port of Seattle has worked with the likes of Rocky Mountain Holiday Tours, Travalco, InquisiTours, ATI and Bonotel to package itineraries that can be purchased for escorted groups or self-drive FIT. These are downloadable from on the Plan Your Holiday page.

Washington truly is a fascinating State and, as Ron Peck, the director of tourism development at the Port of Seattle says: “The only two things we don’t have here are Mickey Mouse ears and swamps. And you can go to Florida for that.”

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